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Posted by Administrator on Jan 6, 2017 10:34:02 AM

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016#Hashingitout: Is It Worth Registering A Hashtag?

Companies are starting to register key hashtags. However, the hashtag’s legal status remains murky, and is considered a leading legal issue facing marketers. Plus, as with any trademark, registration can be a lengthy and potentially expensive undertaking. So, is it worth registering, particularly when its legal status is unclear?

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Puerto Rico—Lots of Sunshine, Little Solar Energy, but a Bright Future

Puerto Rico may finally have a break through in solar development and investment. Although the island represents a solar opportunity today, renewable generation only represented 1% of the Caribbean territory’s energy mix in 2012, despite high electricity prices and renewable friendly policies. The reason for the lack of solar development is likely due to poor investor confidence in the local utility as offtaker.

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Are Legal Hold Notices Immune from Discovery?

Why do lawyers write “Privileged & Confidential” at the top of a legal hold notice? Most courts have decided that legal hold notices are immune from discovery, but not because of the header or title.  What generally protects a legal hold notice from discovery is the substantive language used in the notice and the process by which the notice was communicated.

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New York Unveils Details of its Clean Energy Program

The future is uncertain for clean energy under Trump, but New York unveiled its ambitious plans in August 2016.

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Five Tips For Purchasing Trademarks

The unique nature of trademark rights means that purchasing trademarks is not like purchasing a car. There are special considerations that a purchaser should be aware of.

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