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Filed v. Furnished, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Jeffrey Morlend on Sep 18, 2017 1:45:10 PM

When disclosing information in a filing with the SEC, it is important to know whether such disclosure and any related exhibits should be "filed" or "furnished". To non-lawyers, this may seem like semantics or another technical difference among lawyers, but there is a distinct and important difference, which is oftentimes the cause behind the questions we receive from in-house counsel.

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Topics: SEC, Securities Exchange Act, incorporation, SEC Filings

What's Coming in 2016? Data Security, Social Media and a Busy SEC

Posted by Administrator on Jan 25, 2016 4:11:26 PM

What's Coming in 2016? Data Security, Social Media and a Busy SEC

What will be the top issues for in-house counsel in 2016? From data breaches to securities laws, there will be no shortage of interesting legal questions to confront in the coming months.

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Topics: data breach, SEC, social media

How to Prepare for Annual Reporting

Posted by Jeffrey Morlend on Jan 19, 2016 9:24:01 AM

Annual Reporting TipsAnnual reporting season is once again upon us, so as you dust off your to do list, here are a few of the many important items for in-house counsel to consider during the inevitable flurry of activity in the coming weeks. 

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Topics: SEC, Form 10-K, Annual Reporting

Puffery Statements and Investor Relations

Posted by Administrator on Nov 24, 2015 2:05:08 PM


When J.C. Penney stated in investor communications that “supplier relationships remain as strong as ever” was the company being hopeful or factual? Further, could that kind of statement get a company in trouble? According to U.S. Magistrate Judge K. Nicole Mitchell in a recent proposed class action against J.C. Penney, it certainly may.[1]

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Topics: SEC, puffery statements

Crowdfunding – What You Need To Know

Posted by Jeffrey Morlend on Nov 12, 2015 2:24:58 PM

New Developments in Crowdfunding from the SEC

The SEC recently issued under the JOBS Act the long-awaited crowdfunding rules, whereby small businesses may raise capital from a large number of investors, each of whom contributes a small amount of money, without going through the trouble of filing a registration statement with the SEC.  However, it is important to understand the limits and filing requirements imposed by the SEC before moving forward with a crowdfunding transaction.  

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Topics: the JOBS Act, crowdfunding, SEC

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