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Red Sox on the Cusp

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Important Documents to Review Before Diving in to Trump's Tax Plan

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How a Forfeited Real Estate Deposit Is Treated for Tax Purposes

Darn Those Sox!

Building the New Berlin Wall: Treasury's Anti-Inversion Regulations

Forms Over Substance: IRS Information Reporting Surges

Proposed Massachusetts Tax Changes: I'll Wait to See the Movie

New Court Decision in Israel Will Impose a Significant Tax Burden on International Companies with Israeli Permanent Establishments

Choosing the Right Business Vehicle: An Automotive Analogy

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Investing in a Professional Corporation

Liquidating an S Corporation in Same Year as an Asset Sale

Catcher in the Wry: The Tangled Syntax and Startling Insights of Yogi Berra

Thoughts on How to Buy Out a 50% Interest in an S Corporation

S Corporation - When Should You Keep the S Corporation Alive After an Asset Sale?

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The Holy Grail: How to Get Inside Tax Basis When Buying S Stock

Inversion Transactions: We Gotta Get Out of This Place!


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