Chemistry Lesson: What Our Red Sox REALLY Need is Law and Order and a Good Judge (Not Aaron) in the Clubhouse

Posted by Joseph B. Darby III on Aug 28, 2017 9:41:53 AM

As the Boston Red Sox head into the home stretch of this 2017 baseball season, we Red Sox fans – a naturally dour and fretful bunch – worry whether this team is built for success in the upcoming MLB playoffs. After all, a very similar team – to wit, the not-ready-for-prime-time 2016 Red Sox – appeared on the October stage and proceeded to stink out the joint, getting swept 3-0 by the Cleveland Indians while delivering the worst group performance since the movie Waterworld was released. For sheer group ineptitude, the only comparable recent event was watching the Republican Senate try to fix Obamacare. Yeesh.

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Darn Those Sox: How to Fix the Holes in the Boston Lineup

Posted by Joseph B. Darby III on Jul 31, 2015 10:18:00 AM

RedSox.jpgThe Boston Red Sox are in a strange place these days – and I am not referring to last place in the America League East, which is a place they have occupied so consistently of late that it has practically become their postal mailing address.

No, I am referring to the fact that they have the 3rd highest payroll in baseball, and yet, quixotically, are a team animated and energized by very young players. During early July when the Red Sox actually played pretty decently (winning four straight series and compiling a 9–4 record) the first three hitters at the top of the lineup were Mookie Betts (age 22), Brock Holt (age 27), and Xander Bogearts(age 22); throw in catcher Blake Swihart (age 23), who was batting ninth during part of that winning streak, and the Red Sox were showcasing impressive and event breathtaking young talent exactly where you want it – up the middle, at catcher, second base, shortstop and centerfield.

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Catcher in the Wry: The Tangled Syntax and Startling Insights of Yogi Berra

Posted by Joseph B. Darby III on Apr 20, 2015 3:18:00 PM

The Yankees' Yogi Berra was a terrific baseball player—a three-time MVP of the American League and 15-time all-star—but, as we all know, being famous is not what made Berra famous. What transformed him from Hall of Fame catcher and manager into an iconic figure was his invention of that highly stylized form of folk wisdom: the Yogi Berra Quote. Yogi-isms are difficult to deconstruct or even explain in an intelligent manner without using examples. You have to see one to see what there is to see. The following are some of the more famous (and authentic) Berra quotes:

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