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Six Questions to Consider about Microgrids

Posted by Administrator on 7/14/15 2:30 PM

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Managing the Risks of Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

Posted by Jeffrey Karp on 5/18/15 10:46 AM

Driven by rapid expansion in developing countries, renewables are becoming a significant source of the world’s power. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme’s (UNEP) 9th “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2015,” investment in developing countries was up 36% in 2014, totaling $131.3 billion. China ($83.3 billion), Brazil ($7.6 billion), India ($7.4 billion) and South Africa ($5.5 billion) were all in the top 10 of investing countries while more than $1 billion was invested in Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Kenya and Turkey. As renewables continue to expand into developing nations, it is incumbent upon developers to understand the risk features of some of these environments.

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Topics: Energy Policy, Energy Finance, Distributed Energy, Renewable Energy, Public/Private Partnership

Virginia Solar Projects Moving Forward: A New Growth State for Clean Energy?

Posted by Administrator on 2/25/15 6:28 AM


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