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PFAS Update: August 2020

U.S. EPA’s COVID-19 Based Discretionary Civil Enforcement Policy and Guidance on Timing of Performing Field Work

Absence of Broad-Based Congressional or U.S. EPA Actions Limiting PFAS Exposure Likely to Engender Continued State Regulation

PFAS Updates: Congressional and Federal Regulatory Developments

Greenhouse Gas Quantification Under FERC’s Pipeline Certification Process

PFAS Update: Evolving Science and Liability

Puerto Rico Update: Evolving Renewable Generation Plans

PFAS Regulatory Update

PFAS Regulation Update

Legislative Update: House of Representatives Introduces Bill to Require EPA to Regulate PFAS as Hazardous Substances under CERCLA

FERC Continues to Forge Its Own Path in Considering Climate Impacts in Pipeline Applications

The Role of Renewable Energy Remains Uncertain in Transforming Puerto Rico's Electrical Grid

Symposium Spotlights Natural Resource Damage Regulations Under DOI Review

Sullivan & Worcester LLP Lawyers Assist Company Implementing Eco-Friendly Discovery of Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry

Grid–Scale Energy Storage: Stakeholder Participation Key to Successful Implementation of FERC Order 841

U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Hearing on Energy Storage Highlights Need for Further Federal and State Initiatives

Puerto Rico Update: A Busy Week as House Committee Holds Hearing on PREPA Oversight and Reform, and PREPA Reaches Preliminary Agreement with Bondholders

Energy Storage and Hydropower Experts Offer Industry Perspectives at 2018 Grid Scale Energy Storage Summit

Puerto Rico: The Continuing Challenge to Rebuild the Island’s Power System and the Role of Microgrids in a Sustainable Future

Northeast States See Surge in Plans for Offshore Wind Projects, But Developers Must Address Remaining Barriers


A Possible Formula for Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery: Distributed Renewable Energy

Corporate Sustainability Efforts on Upswing

The New Administration’s Efforts to Deconstruct the Obama Climate Initiatives

Advanced Approaches to Stormwater Runoff Management Through Green Infrastructure

Considerations for Participants in the Expanding Market for Compensatory Mitigation Credits

The New Administration’s Deregulatory Agenda and its Impact on Environmental & Energy Policy

Water Infrastructure: The Current State of Funding and Considerations for Private Investors

Renewables Can Play a Big Role in Puerto Rico's Fresh Start

Biofuel Mandates Escape Current EPA Scrutiny

Monetizing Vacant Land Through Mitigation Banking

Converting Environmental Liabilities to Assets: Repurposing Inactive and Abandoned Mine and Mineral Processing Sites

Opportunities Abound in the U.S. Offshore Wind Market

Blog Update: The Future of Electricity Markets? Corporations Directly Buying Renewable Power

EDGE Advisory: Focus on Corporate Renewables

SunEdison: A Cautionary Tale?

Is Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico Back On Your Radar?

NREL Report: Wind and Solar Could Supply 30% of the Eastern Grid without Increasing Reliability Concerns

Utility Merger Goals in a Decentralized Energy Future

Solar Roofing Captures the Imagination – But is that Enough?

New York Unveils Details of its Clean Energy Program

The Brownfield Gold Rush: Municipalities Give Contaminated Properties New Life- Published by Cleantechnica

Opening the Floodgates for U.S. Clean Energy Deployment- Published by Power Finance & Risk

The New Gold Standard for Building Performance - PEER

Update: Confluence of Emissions Regulations Favor Renewable Energy Development

PROMESA—Energy in Puerto Rico amidst the Debt Crisis

U.S. Offshore Wind:  Mid-Year Update

Confluence of Emissions Regulations Favor Renewable Energy Investment (Part 2)

Confluence of Emissions Regulations Favor Renewable Energy Investment (Part 1)

EDGE Advisory: Distributed Energy Finance Report—Highlighting Trends in an Evolving Energy Marketplace

India Considers Coupling its Government Incentives with Innovative Financing Mechanisms to Achieve its Aggressive Renewable Energy Targets

Dialogue on Carbon Pricing and the World Bank Spring Meetings with Citizens Climate Lobby at S&W

New Jersey's Proposed Renewable Portfolio Standard- Ambitious, but Uncertain

Sullivan Lawyers Filed Legal Brief for Major Brand Companies Supporting EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Hedging with Distributed Renewable Generation Sources in Times of Fossil Fuel Price Volatility

U.S. Offshore Wind Seeks Critical Mass

Apple Leads the Way as Green Bonds Set to Grow in 2016

Renewable Energy Remains Poised for a Banner Year in 2016

Secondary Market Looks for New Tricks After Yieldco Hiccup

With Proper Policies, A $12.1 Trillion Investment Opportunity for Renewable Energy Can Be Realized

Stay of Clean Power Plan Hampers Innovative Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emissions & Obscures Policy Signals for Investment

Solar Storm- Net Metering in Nevada

U.S. EPA Earns Early Victory in Opponents' Challenge to Clean Power Plan

New York City Examines Issues Facing Rooftop Solar

New York Seeks Value for Distributed Energy and Reevaluates Net Metering

Investing in Pakistan’s Energy Sector

Anaerobic Biodigesters Give Universities Food for Thought

2015 Year in Review - Renewable Energy in the U.S.

Odds on an Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Extension Seemingly Rising by the Minute

California’s Net Metering Rates Preserved, but Debate over the Value of Solar is Ongoing

Is Preparing for an ITC Stepdown the Same as Preparing to Fail?

A High Stakes Game—COP 21 and Climate Policy in the United States

Tech Update: Another Use for EV Batteries?

Managing Grid Security in a Distributed Energy Environment

Discussing the Investment Tax Credit- Panel at MDV-SEIA’s Solar Focus

Are Seesaw Share Prices Impacting YieldCo Buying Power?

Roundtable Discussion: Distributed Energy Opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic

Mid-Atlantic: Distributed Energy Opportunities

Avoiding Distressed Sale Situations in Solar

Do We Have the Talent to Manage America's Energy Needs- OurEnergyPolicy.org Dialogue

REV Conference Recap: Opportunities for Distributed Generation in New York

Hydropower Technologies Evolve In The Face of Increasing Water Scarcity

First Democratic Presidential Debate Recap— Where Do the Candidates Stand on Energy?

Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Round Table Discussion

Can the Clean Power Plan Achieve Its Carbon Emission Reduction Goal Through Increased Renewable Energy Development?

Tech Update: uBeam- Wireless Device Charging

Offshore Wind Update: Is the Tide Finally Turning for Offshore Wind in the United States?

Nevada Solar Update: Senator Harry Reid Takes On Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in Net Metering Debate

Property Owners Increasingly Embracing Energy Efficiency Technologies

Offshore Wind Has Come to the U.S.; EPCs Can Help It Gain Momentum

Understanding New York's 'Vision' -- Feature in Public Utilities Fortnightly

Managing the Rise of Distributed Energy - Emerging Utility Trends

Nation’s Capital Explores Modernized Energy Distribution

Lessons from the Recent NY REV Conference

Are YieldCos Insulated from the Looming ITC Stepdown?

Is the Tide Turning for Offshore Wind in the United States?

Two Steps Forward, One Potential Step Backward; Future Investment in North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Market is in Jeopardy

Senate Energy Bill Includes Funding For Smart Energy and Water Efficiency Pilot Projects

SunEdison/Vivant Deal a Harbinger of Things to Come?

Energy Policy Modernization Act Quiet on Renewables

Tax Extenders Bill Passes Committee: Spotlight the PTC and Wind Energy

The Stage is Set in Cuba for a Boom in Renewable Energy Investment; Can U.S. Companies Take Advantage?

Financing Growth in the Green Economy Remains a Local Endeavor

Renewable Tax Extenders Package Set To Emerge From Finance Committee

Six Questions to Consider about Microgrids

EDGE Distributed Energy in Focus: How Can Hybrid Resources and Microgrids Overcome Financing Challenges?

Project Finance and Risk Allocation in Solar Projects—Spotlight: Solana Generating Station

Green Tea: A Burgeoning – and Unexpected - Coalition Bodes Well for the Geographic Growth of Renewables

Water Energy/Nexus Series: Energy Project Due Diligence in an Era of Water Scarcity

Opening the Small Commercial Solar Market

Economics of Installing Combined Heating and Power Systems

Opening the Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Energy Management

New Programs Implementing South Carolina’s Distributed Energy Legislation

Will Methane Emission Reduction Requirements Affect Renewable Energy Investment?

Water Energy Nexus Series: Case Studies Show Clean-Tech and Supporting Polices May Be Key to New Water Infrastructure Investment

What do Tesla Batteries mean for Solar Power in Texas?

The IMF Just Destroyed the Best Argument Against Clean Energy

Managing the Risks of Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries

Puerto Rico—Lots of Sunshine, Little Solar Energy, but a Bright Future

Understanding the Fracking Landscape

Georgia: Renewable Energy on the Rise

Cyber Security in a Competitive Distributed Energy Grid

Partner Diligence Key for Developers Navigating the Changing Renewable Energy Landscape

Water Energy Nexus Series: Emerging Energy Recovery and Energy Efficiency Technologies Spur Investment in New Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Solutions to Energy Project Funding: Understanding the DOE Loan Program

Costa Rica: Future Solar Hotspot or Never Was?

2015 May be a Banner Year for Financing Environment-Friendly Green Projects

Renewable Energy and the Water/Energy Nexus Series: Challenges Remain

Utilities Seeking Solar and Storage

From Brown to Green: Transforming Contaminated Properties into Renewable Energy Projects

Arizona Update: Solar Controversies Causing Market Upheaval

Virginia Solar Projects Moving Forward: A New Growth State for Clean Energy?

Administration Calls for Increased Renewable Energy Investment in 2016

North Carolina Utilities Commission Maintains Key Power Purchase Agreement Terms for Solar Investments

Massachusetts Supports Residential Solar Panel Ownership

Congress Extends Program Facilitating Cooperation on Innovative Technologies Between Israel and the United States

Congress Extends Energy-Related Tax Provisions Through 2014 – Punts on Longer Term Certainty

Grid Wars: The Battle for Distributed Electricity

Hawaii Grappling with Explosive Distributed Solar Energy Growth and Grid Impacts

Recent Trends in the Solar Industry

How to Prepare Your Solar Portfolio for Securitization – Part Two: Key Challenges

Transforming the Traditional Municipal Bond Market to Finance Environment-Friendly Green Projects

Crowdfunding: Innovative Financing Models for Small Solar and Distributed Generation

How to Prepare Your Solar Portfolio for Securitization - Part One: Introduction

Green Banks: Rethinking Energy Finance in New York and New Jersey

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts – Part Four: Structuring Synthetic PPAs

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts – Part Three: Synthetic PPAs

Residential Solar is Growing Up

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts - Part Two: Revenue Put Options

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts - Part One: Introduction

Has the Promise of Caribbean Solar Arrived? Lessons for Successful Development

CitiGroup: Bright Outlook for Solar Energy Investment

The Huge Impact of Water on the Future of Energy

Predicting Outcomes of Legal Challenges to EPA's Power Plant Carbon Rules

Massachusetts Legislature Creates More Opportunity for Solar

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