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Call for Papers and 6th Annual ARCA Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference, June 28-29, 2014

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on March 31, 2014 at 2:41 AM

It was my great privilege last year to speak at the 5th Annual Art Crime Conference, hosted by the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art (ARCA). The conference, in Amelia, Italy, annually draws experts in varied fields of law, cultural property, archaeology, law enforcement, and more. It is also held in one of the most spectacular venues I have ever seen, a rocky outcropping , with a medieval Italian city on top of a Roman-era settlement (complete with a cistern at the top of the hill).

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Merkel Hints at Putting Gurlitt Lists Online, Calls for Special Tribunal Are Made

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on November 6, 2013 at 4:49 AM

Catherine Hickley reports from Berlin that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking into ways to put lists and/or photographs online concerning the Cornelius Gurlitt seizure of roughly 1,400 paintings with connections to Nazi looting. This followed heavy complaints in the first days of the revelation, that the government had failed to identify what has been found. The biggest question remains why this remained a secret for roughly two years since the discovery. Merkel’s government claimed yesterday it learned of the find only in the last few months.

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ARCA Recaps Fifth Annual Art Crime Conference

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on August 27, 2013 at 5:23 AM

The blog of ARCA, the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, has been running a series of recaps of the June conference in Amelia, Italy at which I was a presenter this past year. The summary of my panel is here (which also included Jerker Rydén and Joris Kila), moderated by Judge Arthur Tompkins, a District Court Judge in New Zealand), and the site contains similar recaps of the other panels. They are worth a detailed read, recalling a fascinating weekend in a stunning locale. Anyone interested in the topics should review the posts and consider the conference and ARCA's summer program.

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Topics: cultural property, Joris Kila, Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, Fifth Annual Art Crime Conference, Judge Arthur Tompkins, Events, Jerker Rydén, ARCA

Blogs to Read and Support

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on July 22, 2013 at 5:11 AM

The ABA Journal is conducting its annual poll of the best 100 blogs. For arts and the law, the blogs I read the most are below. If you are a blog reader, consider casting a vote. We are all engaged in a great conversation, and your voice matters to what we write. If nothing else, read these blogs!

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Speakers List for ARCA Art & Heritage Conference Released

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on May 29, 2013 at 10:46 AM

ARCA (Association for Research into Crimes Against Art) has released the Speakers list for next month's Art & Heritage Conference June 21-23 in Amelia, Italy. I will be presenting on the history of World War II restitution litigation in the United States, its effectiveness, and its prospects for the future. The full list is below. Hope to see you there!

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Topics: Carrie Johnson, South Texas College of Law, cultural property, Utrecht University, Stefano Alessandrini, Alesia Koush, Joris Kila, James Moore, Toby Bull, Verity Algar, University of Guelph, Joshua Nelson, Ruth Godthelp, Cynthia Roholt, Saskia Hufnagel, James Bond, Caravaggio, Restitution, University of Reading, Sullivan & Worcester LLP, Events, World War II, Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco, Royal Armouries at the Royal Armouries Museum in L, Judith Harris, Felicity Strong, Amelia, University of Melbourne, University of Amsterdam, Theodosia Latsi, Jerker Rydén, ARCA, University of Cologna, Giulia Mezzi, Nicholas M. O'Donnell, University College London, Royal Library of Sweden, Chris Dobson, Derek Fincham, Art & Heritage Conference, ARTnews

Presentation to the 5th Annual ARCA Art Crime Conference June 21-23, 2013

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on May 3, 2013 at 7:56 AM

I will be speaking at the 5th annual Art Crime Conference held by ARCA (Association for Research into Crimes Against Art) in Amelia, Italy between June 21-23, 2013. My talk will address Holocaust restitution litigation in the United States, similar to the paper I gave in Maastricht in March but covering important more recent developments as well (notably the Hungary case).

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