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Virtual Fever, the New Pandemic? Trends in International Property, Art, Space, and Technology Law in Berlin October 11-12

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on September 21, 2021 at 11:25 AM

There’s just no other way to say it: the last 18 months have been extraordinarily hard. Professionally, what I have missed the most is the chance to connect with, and learn from colleagues, particularly those far away. It is therefore with great excitement and pride that I can announce that the International Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Section will hold a live, in-person conference next month on trends in IP law. As my second year as co-chair of the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee winds down, I am so pleased that we will be contributing a panel to this terrific event about, what else, Non-Fungible Tokens. As anyone who has watched my LinkedIn feed this past summer will know, Berlin holds a very special place in my life and so I look forward to making my first trip overseas in a very long time to a city that is like a second home.

The program, to which the several committees organized, is below and registration is open.

Bis zum nächsten Mal in Berlin!



Digital markets and online platforms on the crossroad of electronic communications regulation and competition (Communications Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Laurent De Muyter , Jones Day, Brussels, Belgium; Vice Chair, Communications Law Committee

 Blanca Escribano, EY Abogados Spain, Madrid, Spain; Co-Chair, Communications Law Committee


Professor Frank P Maier-Rigaud, ABC Economics, Berlin, Germany

Anne Vallery, WilmerHale, Brussels, Belgium; Member, Communications Law Committee Advisory Board

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the art world: is buying an NFT a safe bet? (Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Anne-Sophie Nardon, Borghese Associes, Paris, France; Co-Chair, Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee

Nicholas M. O’Donnell, Sullivan & Worcester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Co-Chair, Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee


Katharina Garbers-von Boehm, Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye, Berlin, Germany; Communications Officer, Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee

Martin Wilson Phillips Auctioneers Ltd, London, England

Johann König, KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, Germany

Digital identity and facial recognition: industry trends and legal challenges (Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law and
Technology Law Committees)

Session Chairs

Elisa Henry, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Montréal, Québec, Canada; Publications Officer, Technology Law Committee

Ruben A Hofmann, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Cologne, Germany; Co-Chair, IP Transactions and Technology Transfer Subcommittee

Paulina Silva, Bitlaw, Santiago, Chile; Website Officer, Technology Law Committee

Erik Valgaeren, Stibbe, Brussels, Belgium; Member, Technology Law Committee Advisory Board

Satellites business – hot topics: from licensing to space debris removal (Space Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Grace Nacimiento LL.M., GvW Graf von Westphalen Rechtsanwaelte und Steuerberater, Düsseldorf, Germany; Chair, Space Law Committee

Laurent Schummer, Arendt & Medernach S.A, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; Programme Officer, Space Law Committee


Luc Govaert, European Space Agency ESA, Bruxelles, Belgium

Joanne Wheeler, Alden Legal, London, England

Have patents cured Covid-19? (Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Özge Atilgan Karakulak, Gün + Partners, Istanbul, Turkey; Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee

Jason Jarvis Jardine, Knobbe Martens, San Diego, California, USA; Chair, Emerging Intellectual Property Rights Subcommittee


Nazli Cansin Karga Giritli, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland; Scholarship Officer, Technology Law Committee

Corey Salsberg, Novartis, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Global trends in technology M&A (Technology Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Professor Niko Härting, HÄRTING Rechtsanwälte, Berlin, Germany

Sajai Singh, J Sagar Associates, Bangalore, India; Chair, Technology Law Committee


Felix Engelhardt, Saxenhammer & Co. International, Berlin, Germany

Christine Graham, Cooley, London, England

Martin Viciano Gofferje, Gleiss Lutz, Berlin, Germany

Volodymyr Yakubovskyy, Nobles , Kyiv, Ukraine

How is 5G changing the telco paradigm and what are the legal challenges? (Communications Law Committee)

Session Chairs

Vittorio Noseda, NCTM Studio Legal Associato, Milan, Italy; Senior Vice Chair, Communications Law Committee

Alfonso Silva, Carey y Cia, Santiago, Chile; Co-ChairCommunications Law Committee


Pascal Dutru, Communications Regulatory Authority, Doha, Qatar; Secretary, Communications Law Committee

Diane Mullenex, Pinsent Masons LLP, London, England; Chair, Electronic Entertainment and Online Gaming Subcommittee

Søren Skibsted, Kromann Reumert, Copenhagen, Denmark; Immediate Past Chair, Technology Law Committee

Peter Stuckmann, European Commission, Auderghem, Belgium

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